Friday, July 6, 2012

Devil's Lake

Got the grade back from my second Accounting 1 test - 105%! Man, maybe I should have stuck with Accounting as my degree, lol, oh well, to close to graduating to change now! Not sure I'll continue to get over 100% on the tests, because the stuff he introduced last night was a little confusing.............

So almost 2 weeks ago we headed up north to Devil's Lake with the Moore's, Scott's parent's & Betty. It was a lot of fun but it was actually a little chilly out (which is funny to say considering it wasn't even 2 weeks ago, and we're on day #3 of 100 degree weather). It was a lot of fun though, Scott & I swam with all four kids and then we had a super yummy lunch! It's always nice going there, for $7 you can't really beat that!

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