Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camping in Lodi

So this weekend is almost at an end. In same ways I'm so glad that it's finally over (sickness is never fun). In other ways I wish it wasn't almost done (test tomorrow night, yuck!). Scott & the kids are about to watch a movie in the living room and we're waiting for our dinner to arrive (Glass Nickel - yumm!). It's been quit the exhausting weekend and neither of us wanted to attempt to make dinner.

So last weekend with John & Carol we headed up north to Lodi to go camping at Smokey Hollow campground. OMG - it was a blast! They had a man made pond that was so much fun to play in. They had multiple different inflatable things to play on - several slides, a trampoline, etc. Connor kept track and he went swimming 6 times (Friday, 4x Saturday, and Sunday). Their little store had some yummy ice cream, slushies and some iced coffee and the campgrounds overall were pretty nice. So between swimming, and playing at the playground (right outside our camper - well Aunt Lori & Kari's camper that they let us borrow) we kept very busy. This is a place I would definitely consider going to again.

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