Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th of July

I now officially only have 25% left of my Accounting 1 class left! Woho! The end is near! Can't wait for it to be done with! I then will get a couple of week break and then my Accounting 2 and Corporate Finance classes start at the end of the month. Less than 10 months now until I graduate with my AAS in Business Management.

For the fourth of July we usually go to DeForest and watch the parade and sometimes go and walk around the park afterwards, not this year. It was so hot (100+ degrees) we decided to go up north to Devil's Lake for a day of swimming. The lake felt amazing and it was nice to get some sun. We went up with John & Carol and then Kari, Lori, Helen, Hanna and her friend joined us later.

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