Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Donovan Turns 5

So I took Test #4 last night for my Accounting class. I'm not nearly as confident with this test as the last 3. I know I still passed, and to other people's standards I probably still did good, but I'm not sure I'll get to say for the 4th time that I received over 100% on it. Why the need for such high grades? Because, I've figured out if I receive all A's in my final classes at MATC I will graduate with honors, with over a 3.75 in the classes that count towards my degree. And I really want to graduate with honors!

So a little over a week ago now, while we were camping, we had to take a time out and drive back into Madison for Donovan's 5th Birthday party. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay for very long but I'm still glad we showed up for a little while at least. For his birthday we gave him a new sweatshirt that he should be able to wear for school this coming year and also one of those big Car's color, construct things that get super big. I hope he has a lot of fun putting that all together. I hope his birthday was fabulous and he received everything his five year old heart desired.

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