Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jim's Birthday

Last day of May, can you believe it? Tomorrow Savannah will be 18 months old and in a month Connor will turn 5. It seems like just yesterday they were both babies...........gosh I feel like I'm getting old! When you're younger you just want time to speed on past but now it seems I want to put the breaks on already.

So a few weeks ago it was Scott's Dad's Birthday. We celebrated at his house with homemade pizza, yum! He received his "big" present 1.5 months earlier - a camcorder - he got it early because they were going on vacation and we figured he would want to capture those memories! So on his actual birthday we only had one other present for him to open, a Milwaukee Brewers Cooler.  He also received one of those fancy coffee makers were you can put the individual packs in. I hope his birthday was fabulous, and here's to many many more.

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