Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easter Eggs

So I took a ridiculous amount of weeds out of the garden tonight - gross!! But I'm glad to get it done I guess, still actually have more but I got all the big ones out. I really want to start planting the garden next Thursday when Scott & I have off for our anniversary - anyone know if Menard's has their tomato plants yet? That's where we got them last year and they turned out great, so we'll probably get them from there again.

Even though we kind of had to cram it in the weekend of Easter we had to make Easter Eggs! Coloring Easter eggs is one of the best part of Easter (along with the gross amount of candy, lol). This year we didn't even buy those kits from the grocery store, we just used vinegar & food coloring. We created 6 different colors, which seems silly when you only have 12 eggs, but oh well! It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast - Connor even worked on his writing skills with a trusty crayon on the egg to decorate it!

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