Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barbecue Beef & Potatoes

So today is mine & Scott's anniversary. Cant' believe 4 years ago we got married, where does the time go? To celebrate we took the day off of work and we're just going to get stuff done. Scott is going to get the oil change done on my car and I'm going to plant our garden! Later we're going to pick Connor up from school, grab some McDonald's and go to the park and play for a few hours - and then hopefully get a nap in (I love naps!).

So awhile back I turned to a cookbook I've had for awhile (the picture is not the exact one I have, I couldn't seem to find it online - I purchased it from my cousin for $5 as one of those school fundraisers so it's really little but has a variety of recipes in it). I made Barbecue Beef & Potatoes - more for Scott than me as this is more of a "him" meal. Ingredients: potatoes, ground beef, green bell pepper & BBQ sauce. I'll say it was okay I guess. Nothing specially and I really do not like green peppers. It's not something I would make if I got to choose but if Scott really wants it again I'll make it for him.

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