Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Pictures

In a couple of days we're re-doing the floors in our living room & kitchen - can't wait! But you know what has to happen first? Cleaning..........ugh! Neither Scott or I like cleaning, so we pretty much do what is necessary to not go crazy, so tonight we spend about an hour cleaning. We still have a LOT more to go but its already looking less cluttered in here (just stay out of Connor's room, lol).

So for Mother's Day every year for Scott's mom (and the rest of the women in his family) - The Moore's and us go to Portrait Innovations and get our pictures taken. Chrissy & I have fun going to Kohl's to get the kids matching clothes (and us matching shirts this year) and getting everything all ready. It was a lot more difficult this year with the girls being older and not wanting to sit still but we still got some super cute pictures done. Hopefully though next year will be a little less difficult/stressful!

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