Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lyliane Is 5

So I have officially finished the Spring semester but I'm still waiting for my one instructor to finish grading my final project. Not sure how she'll be able to turn in grades on time, the last project took her a month to grade and I just turned this one in Monday night and I believe grades are due tomorrow...... so I guess we'll see. Thinking I'm on Perfect Honors again this semester but I'm not 100% sure.

So a few weeks ago my good friend Mandie's oldest daughter turned 5 years old. Lyliane shares a birthday with my brother so it's a birthday I will always remember when it is. She had a nice party with a few friends and family. We gave her a new TuTu as she's a total diva princess and she should always have 5-6 at all times, lol. Kids are so funny! It's so great watching her grow up, and I hope she loved all of her presents (anyone wanna buy me a guitar, cause that was an awesome present!), and I hope her birthday was fabulous.

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  1. Lyliane had a great time. We were glad you could be a part of her special day. It's so hard to believe she's already 5. I'm also glad that you and I stayed in touch and are still friends. Because now we get to watch our kids grow together and be friends for life as well as us!! Love you all Mandi