Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arizona Turns 2

Wow, what a work out tonight! It was a lot of leg stuff, so for me it was awesome! I ended up sweating a ton and the workout was amazing but I didn't want to die afterwords, which is a plus (other people wanted to die though, so I'm sorry to those people for recommending a leg workout).

So recently Scott's cousin Paul's youngest daughter turned 2 and we all went over to their house for her birthday party. They had a bouncy house (always a plus when there's a lot of kids in the family) and they had some pool foam things turned into light sabers so the kids had a blast with those. Other than that it was a nice pretty low key party just sitting outside and enjoying the weather. We gave Arizona some clothes for this summer which with the way the weather is being she could probably wear them now. I hope her birthday was awesome and I can't believe she's 2 already!

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