Friday, February 24, 2012


Friday night, we made it through the week! But of course we have a ton to do this weekend so it's just going to fly by! Tomorrow is Karate, Library, The Moore's for a movie & Lunch, Fired Up Pottery, Coyle Carpet, Woodmans, and that's just as of right now. Then Sunday is brunch with the Justin & Jessica and then dinner at Aunt Missy's. This is why after I finish posting this I will be working on homework since I wont have a lot of other time to do it.

So I'm posting about sheets. Why you might ask? Because I LOVE them. I have been purchasing the same set of sheets (different colors) since I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond when I was 18/19 years old. Pure Beech Sateen Sheet Set . I absolutely love the feeling of the sheets and even though they are expensive I will pay the money for them. They feel like an awesome old worn out t-shirt. If you don't mind spending money on sheets and want to try something new, please try them! Scott got these for his V-Day present since he lost our Super Bowl Bet. We needed a new set, and someone had to buy a new one eventually, so the loser got the sheets and the winner got a new jersey!

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