Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monster Trucks

Wow. Can't believe I almost missed the news today about Whitney Houston dieing. I haven't been on the computer since this morning and when I logged onto facebook tonight I saw something about it and was confused, so I headed over to yahoo and sure enough. How sad. I hope she finds peace, she's finally released from her drug addictions.

So it's been almost 2 weeks (well tomorrow it would be), but I wanted to post that Scott, me, Connor, Matt, Buddy & Jim went to Monster Trucks. It was suppose to be a guys day out, but I have never been so I wanted to go this time with them. Now that I can say I've been once I really don't have the desire to go again. It was kind of fun, and it was loud but not deafening loud. The boys had a lot of fun and they looked cute with their headphones on, however Connor didn't wear his much. We also bought each boy a "Bigfoot" Monster Truck. We also found out the next day that one of Connor's schoolmates went as well, Braydyn. If the boys decide to go again next year I'll probably pass!

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