Monday, February 6, 2012

A Sleepover

Still feeling pretty miserable........yuck! I should be cleaning our bedroom right now because we have some people coming to measure for the new carpet tonight, but I really just don't feel like it! Hopefully they wont mind to much, lol. So who all watched the Super Bowl last night? I did! And I won a jersey off of it to! Scott & I bet on the game, and I won! Go Eli!

So it's been a week and a half but I wanted to post about Connor's 1st sleepover with his cousin Buddy. We had dino nuggets & fries for dinner, then we made a gingerbread house (where the boys ate WAY to much candy, lol!). Then we watched American Tail and ate some popcorn! We almost had an incident, Buddy was looking at me saying it was time to go home and I thought he was going to cry, but I distracted him enough and it never happened, thank goodness! I think both boys had a lot of fun, maybe we'll do it again in a few months!

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