Monday, February 13, 2012

Double Dolly

Monday's suck! I have a headache, Scott had a ton of homework to do tonight so I didn't get a chance to work out........ ugh....... why are Monday's always so bad? Oh well, at least I have a whole another week before I have to deal with a Monday again!

So I wanted to post a picture of these great headbands I purchased on E-bay. Once again I made a purchase from Dolly Priss and I can't be happier. I got an amazing deal by visiting her at her E-Bay Store. You can also find her on ETSY and Facebook as well. If you haven't LIKED her on facebook yet, please do, and tell her I sent her. I really do think she has amazing products and will purchase even more from her in the future. The brown one I will be giving to Miss. Savannah tomorrow for Valentines Day (along with some super cute shoes that I think should match) and the pink one I'm thinking will probably go in her Easter basket, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

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