Friday, February 10, 2012

She Can Walk

Just finished making a TuTu. The Lilac TuTu. 1/3 Green, 2/3 Purple. I'll try to have pictures posted tomorrow on FB, expect to see it in the Etsy store sometime next week probably. It's super cute, and I love the colors. It could also be named Tinkerbell, because that's what it reminds me of!

So I'm skipping a list of posts I have written down that I need to get to because I've been waiting a long time to post this, Savannah can walk! YAY! I'm so proud of my little peanut girl! At 14.3 months old, she's 1.7 months ahead of Connor as he walked 2 days before 16 months old. It's so funny, she is so much littler than Connor was at this age, so she definitely doesn't look like she should be walking yet. She started yesterday at Grandma's, so I told Scott he had to go home and charge the battery in the camcorder (I had my exercise class with Chrissy last night) so I could record her when I got home. I got home and she's wearing old Connor PJ's, lol. I made Scott change her into "girl" PJ's, because "we're recording this, and she doesn't need to know we use to put her in boy clothes", lol. Love my logic, right? Anyways, got it on video, and I can't believe I can finally say my baby can walk! She's getting too big!

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