Sunday, February 5, 2012

2nd Degree Orange Belt

So last night sometime a nasty cold decided to slap me in the face. What a wonderful feeling, yuck! To bad I don't have time to be sick and there is lots to do around here! Gotta finish a bunch of homework, need to go to the grocery store before the Super Bowl, and sometime I have to find time to clean my room because we have someone coming over tomorrow night to measure the carpeting in our room!

So on Scott's Birthday, Connor received his 2nd Degree Orange Belt! He started before all the other kids he's currently doing karate with, so he's the only one with the 2nd degree. All the other kids received their orange belts the day before. They were nice enough to wait to give Connor his 2nd degree for when I could see it. I had missed when he originally got his orange belt, so I really wanted to see this. He's doing really good with karate, and I know he enjoys it because he makes me play karate with him sometimes at night. Currently we're only signed up to go to April 1st, but I'm hoping we can just add on another 2 months and go to June 1st, then we'll take the summer off because we'll be busy with swim lessons and I really want to sign him up for T-Ball!

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