Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day

It's Tuesday night, and like the last several weeks I will be spending it finishing up homework that's due tonight. I do get most of my homework done on Saturday/Sunday but never seem to complete it all, oh well. It should only take about an hour to complete, hopefully not longer than that!

So last week was Valentines Day. We don't go out (to expensive), I don't let Scott buy me flowers (again to expensive for something that dies so quickly), but we do make ourselves a great meal every year. This year we got coconut shrimp, snow crab legs & steaks, yumm! I bought Scott some sheets (he lost our Super Bowl Bet, and we needed new sheets), Connor got a new workbook and a mini pack of wrestling guys, Savannah got some new shoes (Target Clearance!) and her Dolly Priss headband. Scott got me a Reese's Heart & a new movie, and I will be getting a new jersey (that's what I won for our Super Bowl bet!) - it just hasn't' arrived yet. We don't go way out on presents for V-day just a good meal and a couple little things to enjoy! Perfect for us! Oh, and gotta show off Savannah's cute V-Day outfit. My Little Legs - Legwarmers, Headband from Dolly Priss, and the outfit was from Aunt KiKi for her Birthday! Hehe, baby girls are so much fun to get dressed up!

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