Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Barbaque Jack Chicken

So Miss. Savannah decided she didn't want to take a nap this morning so hopefully that will mean she'll take a good nap for grandma this afternoon........otherwise we're going to have a very crabby baby on our hands! Oops, I mean toddler! She's not a baby anymore!

So last week I turned to our Taste of Home Cookbook again and turned to page 63 - Barbecue Jack Chicken. Chicken Breasts, Pepper Jack Cheese, and BBQ Sauce. How easy can a recipe be? I followed the recipe in the book exactly and used THIS BBQ Sauce as the topper. Overall it was a very easy and yummy recipe however we had to cook it for a lot longer than is stated in the book.... probably because we used whole chicken breasts instead of half chicken breasts and Scott didn't know what broil meant (lol, we've never actually had to broil something, but I at least knew what it meant - so it had already been in a couple of minutes before I got home and fixed it.). I would probably make this recipe again, maybe try a few different types of BBQ sauce since the flavor of BBQ sauce can be dramatically different.

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