Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Pat

So on our typical Sunday morning/afternoon, I am once again working on homework (and also taking a break at the current moment, lol). Also, Scott has to run out in about an hour to help the Moore's pick up their new bedroom set. I really want a new bedroom set! We finally just finished paying off Connor's that we got him for his 3rd birthday and I really don't feel like having a furniture payment right now (even if it is at 0% interest), so I guess we'll just wait for awhile...... even though I hate waiting, lol!

So 2 weeks ago was Pat's Birthday (yes I'm a little behind, I've been slacking on the blog front lately). We met up with everyone at the VFW to eat some breakfast and we gave her her present then. We gave her a movie set that she wanted, some of her Oil of Olay soap that she really likes and also Connor painted a plate and we put his hand print on it. After breakfast we all parted ways and then met back up at their house at 2 p.m. to eat a late lunch/early dinner of Little Ceasar's. Not a very eventful birthday for her but I hope she thought it was wonderful!

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