Monday, March 19, 2012

A Birthday Party

So it's Monday once again. What a horrible Monday morning! I think we all got so much fresh air this weekend that we were exhausted this morning. We took a 3.5 mile walk last night and we also played for several hours outside this weekend as well. Its great to be able to get outside in the middle of March! Crazy!

So last Sunday Connor was invited to his very first birthday party! His classmate, Matthew, turned 5 years old on the 28th of February and had his party this past weekend at Chuck E Cheese. It was crazy loud in there, I think there were 6 parties total going on at the same time but I think all of the kids had a lot of fun. This picture is all Matthew's friends he invited, Paige, Corrina, him, his sister, and Connor. I was so excited that Connor was invited to his first party! He actually has his second party at the end of this month and he's already talking about who is going to come to his!

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