Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Help

So I'm suppose to be doing homework right now - which involves reading 3 textbook chapters, doing an article, studying & taking a test......... yuck! So instead I'm taking a little break, catching up on some Facebook and decided to make another post! Much better, hehe!

So 2 weeks ago I went over to the Moore's house to watch The Help. I had read the book when it first came out awhile back, but now Chrissy finished reading the book and we both really wanted to watch the movie. I have to say I loved the movie however it wasn't as emotionally draining as someone told me - however I think that is because I had read the book and knew what to expect. There was obvious things left out from the book, they couldn't have added everything, but I think most of the main parts were there. There were a few things that were completely different from the book but I think they do that in almost every book to movie combo. I really need to sit down and watch it again though because Scott was trying to watch 4 kids under 5, which didn't go 100% smoothly so there were many breaks and it did take us about 4 hours to watch the movie, lol. Maybe I'll put it on my birthday list and someone can buy it for me!

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