Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Big 4 Year Old

So our camping weekend is over (will post more later about that), thank goodness cause the heat has rolled in. This week is going to be super warm, mid to upper 90's, with the heat index well over 100. This is going to be a week that I'll be glad to be at work where I'll be in the AC all day! Gotta make sure to keep my garden nice and watered also!

So last Monday Connor had his annual check-up, other than the shots that he had to have (at least he's done until he's 11 now), everything went well. He's growing amazing and getting so big so fast! The Dr. is even amazed by the fact he can do everything with both hands (could come in handy later on if he decides he likes baseball!). At 3 years old, Connor was 33lbs and 39 inches, well in the next year he grew 4lbs12oz (37lbs12oz) and 2.75 inches (41.75 inches). He is officially 65.68% for weight and 81.18% for height!

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