Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Months Old

So I'm starting to get a little mad at Scott. He supposedly wanted to watch a movie tonight, but he's over drinking at the neighbors house.......I text him 45 minutes ago, and he said he would be home soon........I waited 30 more minutes........then another 15 minutes.........come on already! Both kids are passed out, so I don't want to go outside and get him (nervous freak I am), he better not be getting drunk..........Mike can be a bad influence on Scott!

So today marks the day Savannah has been in this world for 7 months. Can you believe it? I can't. This past week she's learned a lot of new things it seems. She has mastered sitting (before she would only do it once and awhile, and for some reason or another only usually outside), and she has also mastered getting cheerios in her mouth (which I guess is a 10 month milestone). My baby is growing up so fast! Thankfully she hasn't started crawling yet. Connor was 12.5 months before he was crawling, so she can wait till closer till then. Connor also got his first tooth at 7.5 months old, so I'm assuming we should be seeing one in Savannah's mouth anytime (well maybe, I guess every kid is different).

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