Monday, July 18, 2011


So every one's complaining about the heat............well you know what? I'd take this heat over a snow storm! At least driving home I didn't feel like I was going to crash and die because I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me! I will say one thing, I wish I didn't have to work because I'd be at Noah's Ark all week, this is perfect weather for a water park day!

So last Thursday night I finished reading Lightning by Danielle Steel. The story was about a women who is going through a difficult time trying to become pregnant when she is sent for an annual physical and ends up being diagnosed with breast cancer. The book goes through her emotional and physical struggles with surgery, chemo, a husband who can't tolerate seeing her this way so he ends up cheating on her instead of being there for her, to a new friend/lover in someone she wouldn't have imagined, to her husbands work scandal who could land him in jail and into the ending........I wont give the whole ending to the book. I will say I do not like the ending, but I liked the whole story up to that point and would recommend it to anyone who likes Danielle Steel type of books.

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