Thursday, July 28, 2011

Janelle Turns 1

We introduced online kid games to Connor this week........I'm guessing that was a bad idea because now I have to fight him to share the computer....but everyone I've talked to - their kids are playing on the computer, or video games, so I figured I'd at least introduce the computer to Connor now she he's not "behind". It's funny to realize that kids now will never know a time without computers, I remember when we got our first computer when I was in 6th grade.

So this past Sunday we celebrated Janelle's 1st Birthday. She's girl #2 out of the 4 that were born last year in the Veith family. I remember last year going to the St. Dennis Festival and her mom was all preggo and had to be induced for being overdue after the festival was done. Her party was Baby Mini Mouse Themed (my original idea for Savannah's, so now I gotta switch). She got a bunch of cute toys and some really fun looking toys. I hope her birthday was great for her, and every year gets even better!

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