Friday, July 22, 2011

T-Shirt Making

It's finally Friday! I wish I could have stayed in bed longer this morning because there was a nice thunderstorm that kept me pretty sleepy on my way in to work, but oh well I guess, gotta make some money! Pretty low key night tonight, want to organize some pictures, then tomorrow Scott has to work in the morning, going to hit up the Dane County Fair (if weather permits) and then Sunday is Janelle's 1st Birthday Party!

So last weekend we went camping. We went to Pride of American outside of Pardeeville. The theme for the weekend was Christmas in July, which fits us perfectly (Christmas freaks here, I will admit I already have presents wrapped for Christmas, lol, yes I know, I'm a freak). The campgrounds had some great activities planned for the kids, meet with Santa (boy boys chickened out), candy bar bingo (wish we could have done that, but we didn't get to it), and tye dye t-shirt making! We made both boys (Buddy & Connor) a shirt! Scott was in charge of helping Connor make his shirt, and I was in charge of making Buddy's shirt for him. It was a lot of fun, and for $5 it wasn't a bad price. After the fact I wish we would have added more color to them, there's still a lot of white, but they still turned out good considering it was our first time ever doing it!

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