Friday, July 22, 2011

Time To Play

So I've been pretty stressed out lately and kind of mean to Scott & Connor. I really hope this pretty low key weekend will get me some extra sleep and hopefully put me in a better mood. We've just be so busy lately there hasn't been a lot of time to just relax. There are a few things that stick out in my mind that are causing the stress, some I'll go into detail later, but some are better left unsaid. Not everything needs to be posted online, I can't be that honest with everyone who reads this.

So honestly camping last weekend was kind of boring for me. The lake was fun, the couple of activities are fun, but we just sat around way to much. To me, that's not camping. Camping when I grew up was constantly doing stuff, whether it be fishing, swimming, or eating, then repeat. I guess not everyone is into the same kind of camping, but I'd really like to do it that way again. The best part of the weekend was the mini water park that they had. It was a blast to play in with the kids, even Savannah loved the water. Savannah doesn't seem to mind getting water in her face which Connor absolutely hates (we're working on that in swimming lessons, he can't pass Preschool 1 until he puts his face under). I think we should have spent more time then we did in that area, cause it was a blast.

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