Thursday, July 14, 2011

Donovan's 4

So we're in the process of getting everything ready for camping this weekend. Got the cookies made, got the chicken in the fridge with their sauces soaking, and got the kids bags packed. Still have to pack my bag and get all the blankets and pillows together, but we're only working 8-12 tomorrow, so we'll have time then to do it.

So today Donovan is officially 4 years old! He is exactly 2 weeks younger than Connor, even though Michelle was due before me! Last Saturday we celebrated his birthday out at his grandma Carol's house and they decorated using a Sponge Bob Theme (another option we had thought about for Connor's 4th birthday). We had some yummy food on the grill and then some cake & ice cream. We had gotten him some Car themed items (pens, dry erase board, etc) and a pair of shorts.

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