Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Ranch

Almost 8 o'clock already.........why does work drag, but after work go by so fast?? Connor had swimming lessons tonight, then we ate dinner, Scott gave the kids baths while I read a little, and now we're going to watch some TV eat a little ice cream and then Tuesday is done...........really? Why is there always so much to do around the house, but I never have the energy to do it? I'd rather play with my kids, read a book and watch TV............I really need a maid......lol.

So yesterday I finished reading The Ranch by Danielle Steel. I really enjoy her writing (as you can probably tell by now since I've read several this year already) and this book was no different. It was about 3 women all going through a rough time in their life (1. going through divorce #3, 2. runs an Aids clinic and recently discovered she had given herself the disease accidentaly & #3 a women whose son had committed suicide a year before and since then her husband has shut her out completely). They all met back in college and decided to take a vacation in Wyoming together, the vacation changed their lives completely. Although I loved the story & the outcome for #1 & #2, I'm not entirely sure I love how it ended with #3.............still kind of processing the ending......either way if you like Danielle Steel type of writing, read this! Next Book: A Reliable Wife.

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