Sunday, August 21, 2011

Five Days In Paris

Being lazy..... just ate lunch, now I want another nap, lol. But can't............gotta actually get something accomplished today. Gotta run and get Connor's school supplies, gotta get some laundry done, and then clean up the kitchen from yesterday.Ugh........why can't weekends be 5 days and week days be 2 days?? Wouldn't that be great!!

On Thursday I finished reading another book. This time I read Five Days In Paris by Danielle Steel. I've noticed a lot of her books are set either in Paris, or New York, or in the case of this book - both. 2 people in horrible marriages meet in Paris, 1 in which doesn't even realize how much of his life he has compromised because of his marriage. After meeting and spending a few wonderful days together, they try to go back to their lives but nothing is the same anymore and they must decide to compromise even more of themselves or walk out of their current lives forever. You should obviously be able to tell how much I enjoy Danielle Steel books by how often I read them. I like reading stories that challenging and keep me guessing, but I also like books like these that I can fly through and really believe that something like this could happen out there. Since I bought so many Danielle Steel books at the St. Dennis Festival in July, I'm going to read another one next.

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