Sunday, August 28, 2011

Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza

So I finally got my hair cut yesterday, haven't' had a hair cut since last October! Feels nice! Got about 6 inches or so cut off! Today we went over to Jessica & Justin's house and picked their tomatoes, got about 14 pounds, so we're at about 35 pounds total I think. School starts tomorrow! We need to run to MATC tomorrow night to get a textbook for me because we didn't end up doing it yesterday like I planned.

So yesterday we tried a new recipe from - Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza. Instead of buying a pre-made crust (about $3) we bought a little envelope of mix to make it ourselves (about 85 cents) - which made it a lot cheaper. We probably ended up using closer to 3oz of hot sauce instead of 2oz, but other than that we didn't change the recipe at all. And can I say AWESOME! We will definitely be making this again, it was so good! The chicken we used was from the leftovers from the whole chicken we made with Jessica & Justin last weekend - so this was very cheap to make & it tasted better than any frozen pizza you could buy.

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