Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday GG

2/5 of the work wee done! It's gone by pretty fast too. The "new" girl at work is no longer "with" the company, which means I'm super busy at work getting her stuff done & my stuff done. I'm not going to lie.......I'm kind of glad she's gone........but I won't go into a lot of details and bashing here.

So this past weekend was GG's (Scott's grandma - GG - great-grandma - Connor started calling her that when he was a baby and it kind of stuck) 79th birthday! So everyone went over to her house and celebrated. We ate some good food, sat around talking for awhile, she opened her presents (we gave her some candles & some pickles that Jessica & I just made) and then had some cake. Hope she had a great birthday and has many more to come.

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