Friday, August 5, 2011

Eggs & Potatos

Ran to Kohl's tonight because I noticed online they had a TON of clearance, so I wanted to see if the same was true in the store, and yup! It was! I spent $74.01 and saved $395.85. If there was an extreme couponing for clothes, that'd be what I do, lol, now if I could only do the same with groceries we'd save so much money.......but I'm not sure if it would work for us or not because we eat pretty cheaply as it is. Anyways, can't wait for tomorrow, taking Connor to Noah's Ark & I get to use my new waterproof digital camera!!

Since we haven't gone to the grocery store in over a week, food in the house is getting pretty scarce so Wednesday night we ate up the last of the eggs & potatoes, and we gave Savannah some. She seemed to enjoy it a lot, she definitely seems to be eating a lot more food recently, she ate probably 1/4 of an egg cut up and a few pieces of a potato, which is a lot for her. She's definitely getting the hang of this Baby Led Weaning Stuff, and I'm so glad we went this route with her. No fighting to get her to eat, most of her calories are coming from breast milk, which is now recommended for the first year to be the majority of the calories, so whatever she actually eats is just in addition to not in replacement of breast milk. If we have another baby after this, we will definitely be going this route again!

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