Monday, August 8, 2011

Noah's Ark

So it's not even 6:45 p.m. and both kids are clean & ready for bed....however they probably will not go to sleep for a couple of hours. Dinner was extremely messy so Savannah desperately needed a bath before anything else. Went in the garden tonight, picked 3 more tomato's and some more broccoli, starting to get a good little crop :)

So this past Saturday we met up with John, Carol, Kari & Hanna and took Connor to Noah's Ark (Savannah stayed behind, seemed like a little much for so little). We had a blast playing in the park. We enjoyed a lot of time in the wave pool, took Connor on Flash Flood twice & Congo Bongo. Hanna, Kari, Hanna's friend Izzy & I went on Black Thunder, and John, Kari, Hanna, Izzy, Scott & I went on Kawabunga. Other than that we just played in the kiddie areas & Paradise Lagoon. I would have liked to do a lot of the other rides, but it was just crazy busy. We would have liked to stay longer than we did too (left at 3p.m.), but we had to go pick up Savannah. Next time we just bring Savannah & stay till close I think! I don't think we're going to have another chance to go this summer, so it'll just have to wait until next year.........can you believe the summer is almost over? It just goes by way to fast......Connor starts school in a month.....

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