Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camping With The Moore's

So how is every one's Sunday going? We're going to be taking it very easy today: partially because Connor is in a "mood" and partially because we just need a lazy day. Our summer's are always so frantically busy that we don't get many days to "do nothing". So that's what we're going to do today. Going to play on the computer, read some books and maybe do some cleaning (but that's a big maybe, lol).

So a few weeks ago we went "camping" with Scott's sister's family & his parents. We waited to long to be able to get into any of the places that we wanted to, so we decided to save some money and camped in the back yard. Unfortunately Friday night Scott & I were super sick, so me and Savannah went home to sleep and Scott & Connor toughed it out in the tent. The big thing Saturday was the Aquatic Center but because of my swimmers ear from the previous weekend, I couldn't go, so Savannah and I went back home and took a good nap. Throughout the weekend there was a lot of yummy food to eat, we took a walk to Dairy Queen, and we also had some light saber duels in the backyard, lol. Other than being sick Friday night the weekend was a lot of fun.

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