Tuesday, August 7, 2012

28 Day Bootcamp

Tuesday morning here. Not much to report. Worked out last night, started reading a new book for book club and had dinner at the in-laws. That pretty much sums up our Monday night. So far Tuesday is going pretty smoothly both kids seem to be in good moods, so hopefully that will continue. Both kids are running around playing while I drink my morning coffee and check a few things on the computer.

So recently I checked out from the Library Sparkpeoples: 28 Day Bootcamp. Unfortunately I only got to check it out for a week so I only used the video 4 times. The whole DVD is an 84 minute workout (way to long for me, since there's always so much going on) but it is neatly broken into smaller segments. The first night I did one of the 20 minute sections, then the second night I did a slightly longer section and the 3rd and 4th I started from the top and did the warm up and the first 2 - 12 minute sections. All are really great workouts but I think I sweat more by starting at the beginning and doing those first sections. Either way, whichever combination you decide to do you'll get your heart rate going. The biggest criticism I have is that they seem to go really fast doing the exercises. Sometimes it took me awhile to really figure out what they were doing. I wish they would have slowed some of those down so I didn't feel like I was moving at hyper speed. Overall, I would say this is more of an intermediate DVD (b/c of the speed) but it is one that I will check out from the library again.

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