Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Egg and Cheese Puffs

So the kids had their final swimming lesson last night. Savannah ended up staying home with me though because she has a slight tummy ache. So far so good today, but I don't want to curse it by saying she's better yet. Connor was in his second round of Dolphin/Preschool-2 class and he still didn't pass. But it's okay, he made some great improvements. Last time he had half of the 20ish check list things that he needed to work on this time it was only 4.

So a couple of weeks ago for work we had a pot luck. I made some of my Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins but for Scott I decided to try a new recipe, so I went to and found THIS recipe for Egg and Cheese Puffs. I followed the recipe exactly and they were a big hit. The recipe actually made several more than it stated it would so there where plenty of leftovers. I actually popped a small bagful in the freezer for later. Word of advise, use the metal liners for them. A bunch of people in the comments section said that without putting a liner they stuck really bad, so I used regular liners....and they still stuck really bad. A co-worker said to try the metal ones, so I'll do that next time I make these.

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