Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Christian Family Reunion

Poor little Savannah, I think she's kind of got an upset stomach. I'll spare the details, but it's not very fun! Hopefully she gets over it quickly, kids are usually pretty resilient. Last night of swimming lessons tonight for the summer. Can't believe summer is already winding down. They just go by way to quickly, don't they?

So a few weeks ago was the Christian Family Reunion. There's always a lot of people and this year there was a lot of great food and a fun bouncy house for the kids to play in. This is the first time I've gone in a few years - for some reason they kept sending the invite to Scott & Amanda, so I refused to go until they got it right, lol, well this year they got it right. A difference this year was a kids raffle. Each kid got a ticket, and 5 kids got money. Savannah got to pick the $20 prize, and Ella won! Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long because it was the same weekend as the Festival, but next year they've moved weekends so that shouldn't be a problem.

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