Monday, August 13, 2012

St. Dennis Festival

Another weekend coming to a close. Anyone do anything fun? Monday mornings always suck it seems.... and today was no exception to the rule. Direct TV called this morning say we owe $52 for a PPV from 2.5 years ago. WTF. Can they really charge for something so long ago? That doesn't seem right at all. What would have happened if we got a PPV every couple of months, there is no way we could afford a couple hundred dollar bill. Our bills were automatically paid so it's not something I kept that close of an eye on. Needless to say I'm ticked off about the whole situation, I cussed the guy out and he still he still had the guts to say that he hoped we could be customers again someday, um.... no way!

So it's been 2 weeks but I still wanted to write about the St. Dennis Festival. It's the annual festival that we do every summer, it's the church where we got married and both kids were baptized in. It's always a lot of fun. Lots to eat, drink, and games to play! Connor went to the treasure chest way to many times! And we played a ton of pop toss and filled our fridge up with Gatorade. Buddy & Connor both got their face painted and all of kids got balloon animals (none which lasted very long, lol - oh well!). It was a really fun weekend like always and now we get to count down until next year's festival!

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