Friday, August 24, 2012

Generation's B-Day Party

It's Friday! Yay! So glad it's almost the weekend. With my allergies/cold this week has been pretty miserable. I'm feeling a little better today, but it's probably because I made Scott shut all the windows and turn the AC back on. We're suppose to be going to Lake Mill's tomorrow but I'm still not sure if I'm going to feel up to it or not yet, I'll wait until the last minute to make a decision.

So almost 2 weeks ago we all went down to the VFW for a Generation's B-Day Party. The party was celebrating several of Scott's family/friends. The party was mainly to celebrate GG's 80th B-Day, but then we also celebrated a 20th, several 50th, some 60th, and some 70th Birthday's too. It was a lot of fun but we did cut out before 8 p.m. so we could go enjoy a bonfire at Aunt Missy's (since this summer has been crazy and we haven't had a chance to go out there as much as usual).

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