Monday, May 30, 2011


So yesterday we finally finished putting the compost into the planter boxes. We got an entire truckload for only $5 out in Waunakee, thank you Jessica for telling us about it!! Hopefully today (if I'm not dieing of heat stroke), I'll be able to get my plants in!

So Saturday night Jim, Chrissy, Connor, Scott & me went to the WWE - Smackdown showing at the Colosseum. These tickets were purchased as part of Scott's birthday present. Before the show we went to the Colosseum Bar and got some food, then we headed over. It was really a pain in the butt to park because it was super busy between this and Brat Fest, but we got there just in time. Connor wanted to get a Randy Orton "action figure" (not doll, lol), so we got that for him. We had a pretty fun time, Connor was super excited when they started playing Randy Orton's song and he game out, not even five minutes later though Connor fell asleep, lol, at least it was the end of the night.

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