Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jim's Birthday

So last night we made a trip to Menard's and purchased everything (but the dirt) that we need for our fruit/veggie boxes I decided I wanted. We purchased: 2 strawberry plants, 6 cucumber plants, 6 zucchini plants, 6 green pepper plants, 6 jalapeno plants, 18 tomato plants, 6 watermelon plants, lettuce seeds, squash seeds, pumpkin seeds, corn seeds, carrot seeds, cantaloupe seeds, melon seeds, green bean seeds and pea seeds (I think that’s it, but I could be missing 1 or 2). So hopefully they will all grow super awesome, then Jessica & I won’t have nearly as much veggies to buy this fall when we can!

So yesterday was Scott’s Dad’s birthday (and my cousin Matt’s too, don’t want to forget him – but we celebrated his birthday Monday night at Cheeseburger in Paradise). We all went over to their house and had dinner. They made pizzas, which turned out really good – super hot (took like 15 minutes to cool do
wn) – but really good! After the pizza he opened up his presents, we got him a jersey & a car to put together (which Connor is going to help with), he also got some t-shirts, slippers, and a grandpas girls frame from the Moore’s. I’m sure there is other stuff too, just can’t remember right now. We then got to eat cake (strawberry cake provided by Chrissy) and pumpkin pie (provided by Betty), yumm!

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