Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Years Later

So today was a beautiful day outside, around 80 degrees and sunny, what can be better? Of course Scott is already complaining about the heat..........but whatever, I love it! So to celebrate the gorgeous weather we went to the zoo today and walked around for almost 1.5 hours. Connor in/out of the stroller, and I carried Savannah around in my ring sling........gosh I can't wait to get my new babyhawk, I hope I like it better!

So today marks mine & Scott's 3rd wedding anniversary. Has it already been 3 years? Crazy......it seems like only yesterday we were running around doing last minute things before the "big day". So much has changed in the last three years, and so much has stayed the same at the same time. I hope a few more things change for the better in the next couple of months, but all in all I can't complain to much. We've had our rough times but made it out okay.

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