Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sitting around the house watching Hitch with Scott & Savannah while Connor is watching Monster House, pretty much a perfect Saturday night with the family. Going to try and talk Scott into watching Private Practice from Thursday night pretty soon, hoping he'll let me watch it :) .

So today Jessica & Justin came over and we drove Downtown. We walked around the Farmers Market (never been there before). They bought some spicy cheese bread (yum!), we bought some beef sticks, Connor a donut and some cheese curds. It was fun seeing all the plants everyone was selling and enjoying the outdoors, even though it wasn't great weather for it. After that we went to Ian's Pizza, OMG, Mac & Cheese pizza = awesome, Scott had some spicy chicken burrito one that I picked out for him. After that we went into the "big building" as Connor called the capital building. So it was a fun & eventful morning, which meant a good nap in the afternoon!

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