Monday, May 30, 2011

Brodie's Birthday

So we're all getting ready to head out to the parade. It's suppose to be a hot one today, so hopefully we don't all end up like lobsters. Savannah is the only one sporting the Memorial Day theme with her clothes, but 'eh oh well, at least one of us is!

So yesterday we went over to Cat & Don's house to celebrate Brodie's 15th Birthday. Talked a bunch. Ate some good food. The present theme seemed to be gift-cards (but what else would get you a 15 year old guy??), we got him a Target gift card. Then it was time for strawberry cake, and our "Fabulous" prize for guessing the correct age. Scott's fabulous prize is a free hug from Brodie, which he will cash in at the most embarrassing moment possible. Hope you had a good Birthday Brodie!

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