Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Cannery Grill

Pretty quiet morning so far, just sitting around playing on the computer and watching Kung Fu Panda. In a minute though we have to head into the garage and finally start picking up the garage sale stuff from two weeks ago. Then we can finally park back in the garage, so if Mother Nature decides to throw anymore hail in our direction our vehicles will be safe and sound.

So last night we met up with John & Carol for dinner at the Cannery Grill, which we have never been to. I guess I didn't even know it was down there, and had never really heard of it. Not sure why I had never heard of it considering it is only about five minutes from my house, but oh well. It was pretty busy while we were there, Prom people, a graduation party, and lots of others, so it did take a little while for us to get our food. So Scott and I both decided to get wraps, I had the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with curly fries. I have to say the flavor was really good, but there was way to much lettuce in the wrap, it needed more chicken. I would probably go there again, the prices didn't seem ridiculously, maybe just a little more than like a TGIF or Appplebees, but a little more fancy. I could see this restaurant being a great date night restaurant.

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