Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something Borrowed

So I was going to watch Glee (which I love) tonight, but I think I've decided against it...... Scott's giving Savannah a bath right now, and Connor is watching a movie, so it's just me sitting in the living room with the screen door open and the small breeze coming in, and it's quiet........and it feels awesome........might as well enjoy the couple of minutes I have to myself and relax......

So today for our anniversary we were going to go see Scream 4.......well i guess since it's been out for awhile they only have like a 9:30 p.m. showing......which just doesn't work for us, especially on a week night. So instead I talked Scott into going to see Something Borrowed........it looked cute, I've seen the book on the shelf at the store so I recognized the name (picked up the book afterwards at Target to read later on). I liked the movie. I definitely wouldn't say it was a fabulous movie and everyone needs to see it, but I'm glad I did. Definitely a Chick Flick comedy/romance. One of those movies you're rooting for true love to win, since in real life it probably would have went a different way. I think I would probably ask for this for Christmas to watch it again.

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