Friday, March 25, 2011

Betty's Birthday

So it’s finally Friday, YAY! So excited!! My niece Madison Monroe was born this week, and I finally get to meet her tomorrow after Aunt Suzie’s Stampin’ Up Party! I’ll post pics & all the details I about her tomorrow night/Sunday morning!

So Wednesday was Betty’s (family friend of Scott’s) birthday, and since every Thursday we go over to Scott’s parents for dinner anyways, we celebrated it on Thursday. We had some beef & veggie thing over noodles (pretty good, a little to many veggies for me, but I’m not much of a veggie person anyways) then Betty opened her presents. We got her a Columbia Green Fleece & a new travel mug. It seems like she liked them, so I hope so. We then had cake or cupcakes, I picked the cupcake b/c I do not like German Chocolate Cake (well it’s not that I don’t like the cake, I really just don’t like the type of frosting that is used for those)

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