Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jorden & Nick's Baby Shower

So this weekend has been pretty busy, which make it just fly by. I hope this next week flies by because next weekend we (so far) don't have much going on and it should be pretty lazy!! Let's just hope it stays that way! Maybe we can get started on the basement because it is embarrassing how horrible it looks.....thankfully most people do not enter our house by the basement door!

So today the family drove up to Aunt Mary's outside of Montello for a baby shower for Jorden. The shower was suppose to have happened a couple of times already, but it kept getting canceled. Thankfully this time it was not canceled and I got to see my bro and "his women" (lol...sorry, I can totally see Nick saying it that way). It was nice with several people who came. Aunt Missy, Uncle Steve, Katie & Lily also made the long drive up! Played a few fun games, ate some good fit. It also seemed like they got a lot of nice stuff, so hopefully they are ready to go. Miss. Madison can make her arrival any day now! Then we get to drive up to Reedsburg to see her!

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