Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bouncy Town USA

So tonight is the last night that Amanda & her family will be's kind of sad...I wish they could say longer, but even if they did i would still be saying the same thing when it's time for them to go....the good times just go by to fast!!! Tonight we're going to go out to dinner...haven't decided where yet, but it should be yummy!

Today we decided to take the kids to Bouncy
Town USA. The kids had a lot of fun! (so much fun that Connor is now past out in our room) I don't think we will ever go back to this particular Bouncy place. We were there 2 weeks ago, and adults were allowed to go in and play with the kids & help them out....well....this time I totally got yelled at. JERKS! My kid is 3.5....some of the things he needs help with!! Thankfully there is another one in town that we will be going to from now on!! Screw you Bouncy Town USA!

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